We are an owners corporation management company built on strong family values and real hands-on experience.

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Through relationships built on trust and integrity we achieve the best results for our clients and, delivering the highest levels of customer service always.

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Owners Corporation, Strata & Body Corporate Management in Melbourne and Geelong

Welcome to The Knight, an Owners Corporation, Strata and Body Corporate management company with offices in Melbourne and Geelong. We pride ourselves on our commitment to strong family values and real hands-on experience. This enables us to give you a more personal, supportive and effective Body Corporate service. 

As Body Corporate managers we want to help you maximise your asset value whether it is a residential property, commercial property or industrial property.

Trust and Integrity

As a fully professional company providing Strata and Body Corporate services the qualities of trust and integrity are very important to us. 
We have a strong focus on building and fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients. In fact, we can state with proud conviction that many of our clients are long term as they have come to rely on us for their Strata and Body Corporate management requirements. We want to continue building such strong relationships. 
Contact The Knight today, providing a professional and value for money service to Bodies Corporate in Melbourne and Geelong.