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All Owners Corporations must take out reinstatement and replacement insurance for all buildings and fixtures on the common property and Lots where a building is located above or below common property, a reserve or a Lot. This is in addition to legal liability cover.

As a Lot owner in an Owners Corporation you are a member and are covered under the Owners Corporation’s insurance policy.

This allows you, the Lot owner, to make a claim on the Owners Corporation insurance policy in the event of damage to the building and/or fixtures within your Lot whilst The Knight Alliance will make the appropriate claim in respect to damage to common property.

However where an insurance policy has an excess the claimant is liable to pay for that excess when making a claim.

For a copy of your Owners Corporation insurance policy, please login into the member’s area or download a Owners Corporation Insurance Claim Form.

Note to Lot Owners: As the Owners Corporation insurance generally does not cover fittings (including carpets, light fittings and window furnishings), contents and public liability within individual Lots, it is strongly suggested that each owner seeks advice on insurance to cover issues that may arise within his/her Lot.

Please note that any insurance advice offered by The Knight Alliance is of a general nature only.