Our Duties

As a professional Owners Corporation Manager, we assume responsibility for the administration of your Owners Corporation.

That means:

  • We take responsibility for all maintenance and administration of buildings and common property belonging to your Owners Corporation, and;
  • We ensure that your Owners Corporation fulfills its many responsibilities, in full compliance with the detailed, and often complex Victorian laws.

The key duties that we handle on your behalf include:

  • Insuring the structure of the building and common areas
  • Ensuring OH & S requirements are met throughout your building
  • Preparation and distribution of levy notices
  • Collection of levies
  • Keeping financial records
  • Preparation and distribution of financial statements and budgets
  • Obtaining audits of financial statements
  • Achieving the legally required consensus in decision making
  • When appropriate, filling the roles of Chairperson and Secretary with experienced professionals (our staff)
  • Preparation and distribution of notices, agendas and minutes
  • Preparation of Owners Corporation certificates
  • Facilitating the preparation of a maintenance plan and ensuring it’s carried out to the satisfaction of the owners
  • Obtaining periodic valuations of all common property that needs to be insured by the Owners Corporation
  • Maintaining all registers that need to be kept
  • Drafting and lodging rules with Land Victoria
  • Handling grievances and resolving disputes
  • Payment of all creditors invoices
  • Attending to correspondence
  • Arranging quotations and repairs for building maintenance
  • Providing recommendations based on firsthand experience and extensive knowledge
  • Working collaboratively with building operational staff