We provide an extensive range of operational services that are strategically accompanied with market intelligence to execute high-level client management.

Our management style is based on establishing sound relationships by tailoring the individual needs of each client. Ultimately, we build relationships that in turn build a solid foundation for our business. 

Key operational duties:

The key duties that we handle on your behalf include:

• Insuring the structure of the building and common areas
• Ensuring OH & S requirements are met throughout your building
• Preparation and distribution of levy notices
• Streamlined collection of all levies
• Maintaining financial records
• Preparation and distribution of financial statements and budgets
• Obtaining audits of financial statements
• Achieving the legally required consensus in decision making
• When required, filling the roles of Chairperson and Secretary with experienced internal staff
• Preparation and distribution of notices, agendas and minutes
• Preparation of Owners Corporation certificates

• Facilitating the preparation of a maintenance plan and ensuring it’s carried out to the satisfaction of the owners
• Obtaining periodic valuations of all common property that needs to be insured by the Owners Corporation
• Maintaining all registers that need to be kept
• Drafting and lodging rules with Land Victoria
• Handling grievances and resolving disputes
• Payment of all creditors invoices
• Attending to correspondence
• Arranging quotations and repairs for building maintenance
• Providing recommendations based on extensive knowledge
• Working collaboratively with building operational staff

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