The Knight successfully manages over 250 Owners Corporation; this portfolio consists of some of Melbourne’s most prestigious landmarks for residential, retail, commercial and industrial properties within the strata and community titles.

We have the capacity to manage all building sizes with uncompromising professionalism.


With many existing larger complexes requiring onsite building management we at The Knight offer streamlined administrative, financial and secretarial assistance. When necessary we work in conjunction with Committees of Management to oversee building management.

A sample of one of our most prestigious clients is The Domain at 1 Albert Road, Melbourne where we have been managing since 1995.  This professional relationship has evolved to the extent to which The Knight’s Managing Director Robert Evans was invited to contribute to a book that was written by The Domain showcasing The Knight’s ongoing commitment to delivering superior service throughout the decades.

Residential portfolio

Small residential (<50 lots)

Medium residential (50-150 lots)

Large residential (>150 lots)

Commercial, recreational & retail

Our highly skilled team offers specialist commercial, recreational and retail property management services where your requirements are met with the greatest of professional ease. Our extensive knowledge and experience with both property and facility management makes The Knight the obvious choice.

Commercial, recreational & retail portfolio


Housing communities

Housing Communities require a specialised management service where the ability to assess the Community’s needs is crucial. Such Communities have a common interest that binds them and this is where The Knight makes sure all is adhered to in a cohesive nature. Effective communication and a swift response is pivotal.

Housing communities portfolio 

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