The Knight offers an unrivalled and specialised service in consulting to numerous local and international property development companies. By combining our financial, property and industry knowledge, uniquely positions The Knight's stance in the consulting arena. 

We offer a professional and ethical approach, which has earned us the distinction of being a trusted name in the property industry.

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Since 1995 The Knight has supported Melbourne’s leading property developers with the establishment of Owners Corporations for their projects.

The Knight offers the following services to developers:
Professional Owners Corporation advice
Review of architectural and property services plans
Review of Plan of Subdivision and Owners Corporation(s) structure
Preparation of Owners Corporation budget and fee schedule
Preparation and/or review of Owners Corporation rules
Preparation of information booklets for owners and occupiers
Facilitate establishment of the Owners Corporation

Facilitate handover from Developer to Owners Corporations and its members Management of the Owners Corporation 




“We are always impressed by their knowledge. Their well-developed communications skills are particularly refreshing. Their ability to provide clear and timely advice and feedback benefits both Fridcorp and our residents.” 

Michael Dobson
Development Manager



“We have engaged The Knight to provide Owners Corporation service on two of our developments in the past 12 months. Our Development Manager has very close dealings with The Knight toward time of settlement and found the transition at handover efficient and well managed.” 

Andrew Jones
General Manager, Finance


Citta Property Group

“From a developer’s perspective, The Knight’s guidance greatly assists us to keep things on schedule and to minimize any purchaser issues or complaints. We recommend The Knight to all developers.”

Charles Scott
Citta Property Group


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