Short Term Apartment Stays

The pending independent review initiated by Consumer Affairs Victoria into the question of and possible restriction to short term stays in residential apartment buildings is problematic to say the least. Whilst I own an apartment I don’t live in it but can certainly sympathise with long term owner occupiers who, on a very frequent basis, […]

Building Management | Adding a Gym

Thinking About Renovating?

Here at the Knight Alliance, we deal with all aspects of owners corporation management, including some of the building and decorating work that the residents want done on their lot or in their unit. What you are and aren’t allowed to do to the property will depend on whether you are acting as part of […]

The Knight helps Strata Corporation Settle Internal Disputes

Dealing With Disputes

In a subdivided Strata development, it is not all that unusual for a dispute to arise between the owners of units. It’s no wonder. Neighbours often disagree about issues of maintenance and nuisance, and neighbours in Strata developments are no different. However, in the case of a neighbourhood or building that’s governed by a body […]

Owners’ Corporation AGMs

What’s an AGM?

AGM stands for ‘Annual General Meeting’. That alone tells you a little bit about what they are: they happen once a year everyone is welcome they are formal meetings All kinds of organisations have AGMs, so don’t forget that acronym! In most cases, AGMs are formal meetings with agendas and minutes, meetings that are required […]