Australia Day

Australia Day is an opportunity for all Australians to come together to celebrate our country and our unique culture.

For every Australia Day, Staff at The Knight Alliance recognises a worthy recipient for our ‘Australian Knight’ award, who has demonstrated the qualities that personify those of a ‘Knight.’

Past recipients of the ‘Australian Knight’ award are:
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2017 Neale Daniher, Patron & Vice President of the Cure for MND Foundation: Donation of $10,000 made to the Cure for MND Foundation


2016 Les Twentyman, Youth Advocate & Social Campaigner: Donation of $10,000 made to the 20th Man Fund
2015 Rosie Batty, Anti-Domestic Violence Campaigner: Donation of $10,000 made to the Luke Batty Foundation
2015 Australia Day


2014 Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC MG, The White Cloud Foundation: Donation of $10,000 made to The White Cloud Foundation
2014 Australia Day
2013 Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species: Donation of $10,000 made to FAME Ltd.
Australia Day 2013


2012 Jim Stynes, The Reach Foundation: Donation of $10,000 made to The Reach Foundation
Australia Day 2012
2011 Those people that assisted victims affected by the QLD & VIC floods: Donation of $2,000 made to Salvation Army Flood Relief Appeal
Australia Day 2011


2010 Fire Fighters during the Black Saturday Bushfires: Donation of $1,000 made to Country Fire Authority (CFA)
Australia Day 2010