January 2017 Newsletter

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Welcome to the January 2017 Newsletter

In this edition we celebrate the awarding of Neale Daniher as our 2017 Australian ‘Knight’ and promote the charity that he is Vice-Chairman of; Cure for MND Foundation.

We provide an update on current Owners Corporation industry matters including the use of non-compliant cladding on residential buildings and short stay accommodation.

We wish to take this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year and trust that you have an enjoyable and successful 2017.

Kind Regards,

Gregor Evans – Director

Owners Corporation News

Following the November 2014 fire at the 21-storey Lacrosse apartment building located in the Docklands the City of Melbourne issued a building notice to the Owners Corporation that required non-compliant aluminium cladding to be removed.

Last year the Owners Corporation issued proceedings to the Building Appeals Board (BAB) to appeal the building order. A hearing took place in September 2016.

Last week the BAB released their determination. The BAB deemed that the non-compliant cladding must be removed and replaced as it poses a “significant and unacceptable” risk to building residents.

For further information on the matter please click on the link to an article written by Aisha Dow of Fairfax Media.

Short Stay Accommodation

Owners Corporations Act 2006 amendment to deal with short term stay accommodation

A bill passed by the Victorian Assembly that makes changes to the Owners Corporations Act 2006 to deal with short stay accommodation has been held up in the Legislative Council.

In November last year it was agreed that the bill is to be referred to the Environment and Planning Committee for further review. The second reading of the bill will take place after the Committee has issued their report which is due by the 7th March 2017.

For a summary of the proposed bill please click the link.

Owners Corporation required to pay legal costs for taking action against short term stay operator

The Victorian Supreme Court ruled in July 2016 that an Owners Corporation does not have the power to make a rule that restricts landlords from renting their properties for short stay accommodation.

Following this ruling the Supreme Court costs court has ordered that an Owners Corporation who took legal proceedings against a short stay operator must pay the operator $133,500 in costs.

For further information on the matter please click on the link to an article published by the Docklands News.

Better Apartments Design Standards

Better Apartments Design Standards will come into effect in March 2017 when they are implemented in the Victorian Planning Provisions and all planning schemes. The design standards have been introduced to improve the liveability and sustainability of apartments in Victoria.

For further information on the standards please click here.

What’s happening at The Knight?

Our 2017 Australian Knight

Every Australia Day, Staff at The Knight recognise a worthy recipient for our ‘Australian Knight’ award, someone who has demonstrated the qualities that personify those of a ‘Knight’.

This year we would like to acknowledge Neale Daniher as our Australian of the Year; our Australian Knight.

The picture above is Managing Director, Robert Evans, presenting Neale with a copy of the Card having gifted a $10,000 donation to Cure for MND Foundation.

To read the card in its entirety, please click here.

New Properties

The Knight continues to grow its portfolio of properties by offering a pragmatic approach to Owners Corporation Management with a focus on Client Service. With a number of new properties coming on board in the last quarter of 2016 we thought we would take this opportunity to share some of our highlights with you.

Clockwise from top left, QT Melbourne has been launched as one of Melbourne’s newest rooftop bars on top of the hotel and apartments built on the old Greater Union Cinema site on Russell Street.

Stage 1 of EQ Tower, developed by ICD Property Group, 127-141 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne, was launched on the 1st December 2016 and when completed will have 641 Apartments in total.

Aspect Apartments in James Street, Windsor, welcomed its first residents in October 2016. A quirky and unique building of 58 apartments which fits perfectly into the Chapel Street, Windsor vibe.

16* North, developed by Branson Property Group, located at 397 Murray Road, Preston, a boutique development of 16 townhouses was completed early January.

Stratus, 106 apartments in Lygon Street, Brunswick changed management to The Knight in November 2016 and has already seen huge improvements in their Owners Corporation service.

The buildings above showcase The Knight’s flexibility in being able to manage Owners Corporations of all sizes.

Apartment Living Initiatives

Click and Grow

Click and Grow has revolutionised the art of growing herbs and plants in your own apartment! Click on the image above to watch a video on how it works or check out their website https://www.clickandgrow.com/



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