June 2014


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In this edition you get to meet one of our Owners Corporation Managers, learn about The Knight Alliance’s different Owners Corporation Management teams, view some of The Knight Alliance’s newest acquisitions and are provided with information on whether a resident is liable for the cost of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s attendance if they cause the building’s fire alarm to sound.


We have recently launched a TKA Blog on our website to provide some basic knowledge to all in regard to Owners Corporations.
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Member Property Portal

This is a reminder to all our members that we have an on-line Member Property Portal on our website. This allows Owners Corporation members to access extensive information relating to their Owners Corporation including the ability to view Agendas/Minutes and a real time transaction history. Owners can also decide how they would like to receive their correspondence and levies, we would encourage this to be email due to its immediate nature and it is free for your Owners Corporation.

Going Green

With Australia Post recently advising us of a 17% increase in postage costs now is the perfect time to ‘Go Green’ and receive all Owners Corporation correspondence via email.
This is highly cost effective for your Owners Corporation and ensures that news, service notices, meeting agendas and minutes or other important dates are delivered safely and instantly to your email inbox.

Help us to help you reduce your Owners Corporation’s expenditure and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment by letting us know that you want to receive instant email delivery of Owners Corporation correspondence today.


corporate managementIs a resident liable for the cost of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s attendance if they cause a building’s fire alarm to sound?

Many apartment buildings have smoke detectors installed in the common property which are linked to a Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) and if activated will sound the building’s fire alarm.

If a buildings’ FIP is linked to a monitoring company the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) will be alerted that the building’s fire alarm has sounded.

On being alerted of the fire alarm the MFB will deploy fire brigade trucks to the building to investigate the cause of the alarm. Subsequent to the MFB’s attendance correspondence is issued to the Owners Corporation advising that a charge of $501.00 per fire brigade truck will apply for every 15 minutes the truck has spent at the building unless a reasonable excuse is provided for the cause of the fire alarm sounding.

It is the MFB’s policy that they must attend a building upon being alerted that the fire alarm has sounded despite being notified by phone that the alarm was only a false fire alarm.

If a resident creates excessive smoke from cooking which is usually due to the burning of food they will look to remove the smell of the burnt food by airing out the apartment. There have been many instances where a resident has opened the front door of the apartment to try and remove the burnt food smell which has allowed cooking smoke to enter the common corridor which in turn has activated a smoke detector.

Based upon past submissions the MFB does not consider the sounding of the fire alarm as a result of cooking smoke exiting an apartment and activating a common property smoke detector as a reasonable excuse to waive the associated charge of fire brigade trucks attending the building.

There have also been instances where a building’s fire alarm has sounded as a result of a resident smoking in the common areas of a building. The MFB also does not consider smoking to be a reasonable excuse for the building’s fire alarm sounding.

It is common that an Owners Corporation will have enshrined in its registered rules that if a resident’s actions result in the building’s fire alarm sounding then either the tenant or relevant apartment owner will be responsible for the associated charge of the MFB attending the building.

We therefore encourage residents to think twice before smoking in common property or airing out their apartment to remove a burnt food smell as the MFB charge will leave a bad taste in the residents’ mouth a lot worse than burnt food.

Meet a Staff Member

body corporate managersMeet our staff member, Jade Bolton.

What is your current position, and how long have you worked for The Knight Alliance?
I joined the Knight Alliance as an Owners Corporation Manager in July 2013.

What first attracted you to work in Owners Corporations?
After many years of Residential Property Management I was looking for a change and I felt that I had developed a highly transferable skill set. I had enjoyed my dealings with Owners Corporations and was keen to move towards the macro side of property management.

What does your job entail?
Any one day can vary from wearing a hard hat and high visibility gear on construction sites to chairing general meetings for properties ranging from 9 to 300+ lots. In between I propose budgets, review financials, attend to maintenance, arrange quotations, liaise with a variety of property professionals such as Builders, Engineers, Lawyers, Essential Services Contractors. I attend to compliance requirements, dispute resolution and I receive instruction and provide assistance to my Committees.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?
I cannot police the car park!

What do you like most about your job?
Engaging with people and resolving long term or contentious issues.

How would you describe your role in 3 words?
Busy, varied, rewarding

What are your hobbies?
Reading, bike riding, spending time with my family and I am still trying to train my adorable but naughty dog!

What is your ideal holiday destination?

What is your mantra/motto?
Always be humble, you could be wrong…

What is your favourite book?
To Kill A Mockingbird

The Knight Alliance Management Teams

body corporate managers

One of The Knight Alliance’s main points of difference in the industry is that we pride ourselves on a low staff to client ratio within our portfolio. We also assign the management of our Owners Corporations to Managers within our company based on the size and complexity of the Owners Corporation.

We have three Owners Corporation Management teams made up of Managers that manage small and low density properties, medium density properties that include broad acreage estates and high density properties which are typically high rise apartment buildings.

For small and low density properties we have two highly experienced Managers in Mark Reed and Anna Rattana.

For medium density properties including broad acreage estates we have Jade Bolton and Dianne Burton.

For our high density Owners Corporations we have Tony Overell, Gregor Evans and Steve Poole.

Supporting these Owners Corporation Management teams is our Senior Assistant Owners Corporation Manager Grant McCallum who has just recently taken a step back from managing high density Owners Corporations as well as Owners Corporation Managers Assistants Mariah Whitefoot, Claire Tranquille, and Andrea Pluckhahn.

This configuration of Managers allows us to take on properties of all shapes and sizes and ensures owners that their Owners Corporation will be managed by a Manager who has experience in dealing with properties of a similar size and complexity. Whilst there are many matters Owners Corporation Managers deal with no matter the size of a property there are also many matters that arise which typically relate to the size and complexity of a particular property. We see this configuration as a better way for Managers to become better served at making decisions based on past experiences.

Whilst some of our competitors overload their Managers with as many as 120 properties, the most one single manager has at The Knight is 58 properties. This helps to ensure the quality of our service remains high and that we deliver a personal experience and are more readily available to our clients.

As well as each Manager having an assistant, they have a dedicated accounts assistant who is there to deal with the majority of financial requests and queries.

We believe that giving each manager a support team allows them to maintain top quality service and will ensure that The Knight Alliance remains one of the premium providers of Owners Corporation Management in Melbourne.


strata management

The Knight Alliance has an ability to cater for Owners Corporations of all sizes. Recently we have focused on larger buildings that we have been appointed the Manager of however in the last 2 months we have been awarded the management of numerous smaller Owners Corporations which reflects our flexibility and adaptability within the industry.

We have recently taken over management of 5 Lewisham Road in Windsor which is a 27 Lot development, 36 Egan Street in Richmond which contains 58 Lots, The Visage Apartments on Malvern Road, Toorak which contains 7 Lots and 205 Dandenong Road in Windsor which contains 48 Lots.

These latest additions mean that we manage over 150 Owners Corporations that contain less than 50 Lots all across Melbourne.